How do you get the most from a Lighting Design meeting?


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Preparation is key to getting the most from your meeting with a Lighting Designer. In advance of your meeting you should consider the following: 


Is there a drawing for your project? You will have architects plans for an extension or new build, landscaper's drawings for a new garden, and layouts from a kitchen or bathroom designer. Bring these to the meeting and let us have them in electronic (preferably DWG CAD files) in advance so we can prepare too. If you don't have professional drawings try making a sketch, roughly to scale. These can be copied or scanned for your Lighting Designer to add the lighting scheme to. 

Room Functions 

How will you be using the space? Good lighting schemes provide flexible rooms with multiple functions. For example your dining room can have intimate lighting for cosy dinners, and when it doubles as a home office the scheme will create a bright and airy space. Open-plan kitchen/dining/living spaces have more complex requirements, and thinking about where you will perform different functions in advance will allow your designer to move away from a generic scheme and give you creative lighting solutions. 

Room Layouts 

Where will your furniture be positioned, and how may this change with a rooms use? The more information you can give your designer the better. 


You may think your room to be featureless if it lacks a fireplace or alcoves, but this isn't usually the case. Do you have any art, sculpture or photos you will be displaying? We can specifically light these, and not just with traditional picture lights. Are your soft furnishings particularly fabulous, or do you have a bold colour scheme? Lighting can be specified to enhance these features, so make sure you tell us about them. 


As well as plans, do you have other resources for the room? Please bring along samples of any fabrics, wall or floor coverings and any images which have inspired you. Perhaps you've seen a chandelier whilst on holiday and taken a photo, or a kitchen advert had pendants over the island or breakfast bar which you liked. Bringing these resources with you lets your designer get a feel for the finish you will be achieving. 

Don't worry if you don't have all this information, a good think about these areas before your meeting will definitely give you a head start. 

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